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I love how they can be adjusted to fit your baby's 

These are so cute and soft. I love how they can be adjusted to fit your baby's neck correctly. They're exactly what I was looking for.

Nice and soft bandanas 

Great bandanas! My twins love them, the material and quality are excellent, and feel super soft.
Its an awesome package for the prize and amount of things you get.
Thank you guys!
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The bibs are so cute

I bought these for my daughter. The reason why i chose this amongst other sellers is because this one has a lot of extras compared to other sellers with a very good price. I like the paci container since my baby's paci doesn't have a cover. This set is perfect for baby showers.

Big enough to grow with 

These are my favorite bibs. My son has some that became too small after 1 month and some that are very thin. These are large and the neck sizes are much bigger than his previous bibs. Also they are lined so spitup doesn't soak through! The bonus items are great! The photo is him at 11 weeks and 15lbs.

Love them. They have 2 different snaps on the ... 

Love them. They have 2 different snaps on the back making them adjustable for my son. He doesn't seem to mind these since they are soft on the back.


Love them! Great quality! And work WAY better than the ones I bought from the store. My daughter loves them because her pacifiers aren't falling on the floor all the time.

Even better than I was expecting

i purchased these because my daughter was constantly losing her pacifier. we purchased some other clips that had a plastic clip and it just kept slipping off and she would lose it during the night which caused her to wake up. these work great! I would purchase these again.

Absolutely love these bibs for my son!!! Super adorable good quality!!! Can get fairly soaked from my sons drooling and they haven't soaked through yet 😊 Easy to put on with snaps and neutral colors for both girls and boys. Love the pacifier case and the clips for them. Beautiful and really soft bibs. Won't find these in a store!

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